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EAST LINE AIR PASSENGER SERVICE is an international purchaser from Russia, need to buy products of Woven Goods, Chemical and Mineral, Furniture, Building Materials, Commodity, Ceramics, Hardware, Small Vehicles and Spare Parts, Health Products and Medical Devices, Sports and Tourism Leisure Products, Iron Ore Products, Office Stationery, Vehicles and Construction Machinery, Lamps Lighting, Carpets and Tapestries, Electronic and Information Products, Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics, Tool, Machinery and Equipment, Home Appliances, Home Textiles, Gift, Utensils, Kitchenware and Tableware, Soil Animal, Toy, Gardening, Watch Glasses, Carved Jade Jewelry and Bone, Furs, Leather, Down and Related Products etc. categories.  (该公司是一家国际采购商,来自俄罗斯,需要购买的产品类别包括:编织品、化工及矿产、家具、建材、日用品、陶瓷、五金制品、小型车辆及配件、医药保健品及医疗器械、体育及旅游休闲用品、铁石制品、办公文具、车辆及工程机械、灯具灯饰、地毯及挂毯、电子及信息产品、纺织原料面料、工具、机械及设备、家用电器、家用纺织品、礼品、器皿及餐厨用品、土畜产品、玩具、园艺、钟表眼镜、珠宝及骨刻玉雕、裘革皮羽绒及制品等。)

Enterprise Information (企业资料):

  • Company Name (公司名称):
  • Country / Area (国家/地区):
Russia (俄罗斯)
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Contact Method (联系方式):

  • Address (联系地址):
37/19, Pyatnitskaya Str , RUSSIA
  • Contact (联系人员):
  • Telephone (联系电话):
  • Fax Number (传真号码):
  • E-mail Box (电子邮箱):
  • Website (网站网址):

Purchase Category (采购类别):

  • Category (采购产品类别):
Woven Goods (编织品)
Chemical and Mineral (化工及矿产)
Furniture (家具)
Building Materials (建材)
Commodity (日用品)
Ceramics (陶瓷)
Hardware (五金制品)
Small Vehicles and Spare Parts (小型车辆及配件)
Health Products and Medical Devices (医药保健品及医疗器械)
Sports and Tourism Leisure Products (体育及旅游休闲用品)
Iron Ore Products (铁石制品)
Office Stationery (办公文具)
Vehicles and Construction Machinery (车辆及工程机械)
Lamps Lighting (灯具灯饰)
Carpets and Tapestries (地毯及挂毯)
Electronic and Information Products (电子及信息产品)
Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics (纺织原料面料)
Tool (工具)
Machinery and Equipment (机械及设备)
Home Appliances (家用电器)
Home Textiles (家用纺织品)
Gift (礼品)
Utensils, Kitchenware and Tableware (器皿及餐厨用品)
Soil Animal (土畜产品)
Toy (玩具)
Gardening (园艺)
Watch Glasses (钟表眼镜)
Carved Jade Jewelry and Bone (珠宝及骨刻玉雕)
Furs, Leather, Down and Related Products (裘革皮羽绒及制品)
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
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Country Industry Index (各地索引):

Woven Goods Category  (编织品分类):

1. Australia Woven Goods  (澳大利亚编织品)
2. Austria Woven Goods  (奥地利编织品)
3. Bengal Woven Goods  (孟加拉国编织品)
4. Belgium Woven Goods  (比利时编织品)
5. Canada Woven Goods  (加拿大编织品)
6. China Woven Goods  (中国编织品)
7. Denmark Woven Goods  (丹麦编织品)
8. England Woven Goods  (英国编织品)
9. Finland Woven Goods  (芬兰编织品)
10. France Woven Goods  (法国编织品)
11. Germany Woven Goods  (德国编织品)
12. Greece Woven Goods  (希腊编织品)
13. Hong Kong Woven Goods  (香港编织品)
14. India Woven Goods  (印度编织品)
15. Indonesia Woven Goods  (印度尼西亚编织品)
16. Iran Woven Goods  (伊朗编织品)
17. Ireland Woven Goods  (爱尔兰编织品)
18. Italy Woven Goods  (意大利编织品)
19. Japan Woven Goods  (日本编织品)
20. Korea Woven Goods  (韩国编织品)
21. Lebanon Woven Goods  (黎巴嫩编织品)
22. Macao Woven Goods  (澳门编织品)
23. Malaysia Woven Goods  (马来西亚编织品)
24. Nigeria Woven Goods  (尼日利亚编织品)
25. Netherlands Woven Goods  (荷兰编织品)
26. New Zealand Woven Goods  (新西兰编织品)
27. Pakistan Woven Goods  (巴基斯坦编织品)
28. Russia Woven Goods  (俄罗斯编织品)
29. Saudi Arabia Woven Goods  (沙特阿拉伯编织品)
30. Sri Lanka Woven Goods  (斯里兰卡编织品)
31. Singapore Woven Goods  (新加坡编织品)
32. Spain Woven Goods  (西班牙编织品)
33. Sweden Woven Goods  (瑞典编织品)
34. Taiwan Woven Goods  (台湾编织品)
35. Thailand Woven Goods  (泰国编织品)
36. Turkey Woven Goods  (土耳其编织品)
37. United Arab Emirates Woven Goods  (阿联酋编织品)
38. United States Woven Goods  (美国编织品)

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